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"I'm still under newb protection, so I haven't had to meet any gankers yet, but all of the community I've met so far has been outstanding. Someone just randomly gave me 50,000 creds and another person had a nice conversation with me after the welcomed me to the game." - user comment


November, 2005

MoO3 Unofficial Patch MOD
Posted by Bladefist on November 05, 2005 at 12:39:51 PM (1667 views)
Colt374 has released version 1.3a of stage 1 ( = "Vanilla" ) of his unofficial patch mod.

Stage 2 ( = "Strawberry" ) of his mod includes all features of the Vanilla version, plus:

- Spacecombat Graphics mod: Updated graphics and sounds mostly from the SpaceFX mod 2.0
- Star mod (From invader mod - with thanks)
- Nebula mod
- Improved Tech descriptions v4.0
- Newleaf mod
- Otsego Graphics FX mod
- Some extra graphics mods from Invader mod.
- Gofur UI mod
- Flag pack
- Encyclopedia mod
- Extra messages - Sitrep
- Extra planet specials
- Spy missions mod
- Improved race descriptions
- Improved Orion Senate text
- Improved Leader desc.
- Improved help text
- Improved planet desc text
- Improved government descr.
- Budget/economy text improved

Both versions can be found in our mod archive.

New strategies, MoO2 modifications
Posted by Bladefist on November 05, 2005 at 12:09:42 AM (212 views)
Thanks to Wozah and Silicoid Hater for submitting the following strategies:

Short tips for attacking (Ground Combat)

Making an army of spies (Spying)

The Master of Orion 2 fansite has compiled a list of all available MoO2 modifications, including descriptions and download links: MoO2 modifications

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