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Pardus is a free Massive Multiplayer Online Browser Game (MMOBG) playing in a future where traders, pirates and other pilots of various races and factions strive to gain wealth and fame in space.

"I was looking for an online game to play. It took me ages, nothing really matched what I wanted.
Then I stumbled upon Pardus. It was free. It had a system that encouraged thorough planning rather than long, mindless leveling. I loved the game from the start." - user comment

Posted by Bladefist on May 15, 2003 at 09:19:17 PM (230 views)
I've received a useful link to a page that tries to explain which development plan applies to which planet - Planet Classification Summary

There's also a new MoO3 mod package in our mod archive. It's the Invader Mod v1.6 by Invader-Zim.


INVADER-Mod EYE Candy And Bug Fixes For Moo3 Version 1.6 FULL

Myros GUI Replacement Red & Steel (Myros)
Transport Correctional Mod V1.1 *FIX* (Gerra)
Missle Mod 2.0 (PD Fix) *FIX* (Always_Almighty)
Orion Sector Task Force Size Mod (Orion Sector)
MOO3StarPack v1 *Was Nuked By Auther Remade*
High Quality Light Cruisers NavShipIcons (INVADER-ZIM)
Improved Tech Description v4
Improved Ground Combat Tech Descriptions
War Cursor Mod *NEW* (INVADER-ZIM)
Combat Status Icon Mod
Icons mod
Orion Sector Official Flag Pack (Orion Sector)
Orion Sector Official Flag Pack Expander (Orion Sector)
StarName *FIX* (Always_Almighty)
*Newest QSI Information Added*
*First DataPatch INFO Added*

NOTE: This mod does not come with an AI mod so you can install your own or copy over your files already modded without ruining your AI mod.

*Second DataPatch Info Added*
V 1.2
War Cursor Mod 1.3 (INVADER-ZIM)
Nebula Mod Added (UnConeD)
Bad Sounds Removed (INVADER-ZIM)
Leaders Live longer (Mithyks)
Leaders are replaced when a Leader dies (MegaMod 4.1)
New Ground Combat Techs, (Bard_of_Prey)
Spies live longer are cheaper and have new missions,(Mithyks & Archnem)
Techslowdown Removed (INVADER-ZIM)
Economics Race Pick re-added (INVADER-ZIM)
Missle's slighty more powerfull than datapatch (Always_Almighty)
*Bug Fix Version*
1. Deleted specials.txt it causes a direct x surface error. (lockup)
2. There is 1 spy mission missing. it says PLANULT12 instaid of a mission. (game still plays)
3. I have to add new ground Force techs to improved tech discriptions. (game still plays)
Slight tweaks to all text files. Bugs Fixed
New Senate Icons
New Sitrep Icons (INVADER-ZIM) (AlexiusK) (Richy)
New Governments (INVADER-ZIM)

Put the Cursor, Sound, and Graphics directorys into
C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Master of Orion 3\GameDataSets\Classic_01\GameAssets\Common
Put the Spreadsheet directory into
C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Master of Orion 3\GameDataSets\Classic_01\GameData\Common
Put the Wstrings directory into
C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Master of Orion 3\GameDataSets\Classic_01\GameData\English

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