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Bard of Prey's Ground Combat Mod v2.1
Posted by Bladefist on April 13, 2003 at 09:45:28 AM (196 views)
Bard of Prey has released a new version of his GC mod. Here's an overview of the changes:

This mod makes extensive changes to ground combat. Most importantly, it corrects some serious issues with hand weapons introduced by the Data Patch (namely that the wrong weapons are assigned when research is completed, and researching any hand weapon at tech level 30 or higher leaves your troops with no weapons at all).

Full details on what has changed are given at the end of the readme file, but the most significant changes are to the weapons. There are now 12 different hand weapons (down from 24 in version 1.0, up from 10 in the Data Patch), spread out evenly across the tech levels so that they will be upgraded in the proper order without overlap. Note that it is possible for two consecutive weapons to fall in the same tech level, but this should be extremely rare, and occur only when weapons are in different tech schools.

The overall effect should be more balanced and varied ground combat bonuses for various races and technologies, with a greater emphasis on 'realism' and playability.

All weapons have been significantly increased in power, as their effects were being drowned out by other bonuses. Less drastic changes have been made to other tables in GroundCombat.txt, such as armour types, unit types, shields, species bonuses and minor changes to a couple of the environmental tables.

The tech levels of many items have been changed, in order to spread the relevant technologies more evenly across the tech tree. This means that most technologies have gone up in level (some quite a bit higher), while a few have moved schools where it seemed appropriate, and a very few have gone down in level. To compensate for the higher level of many of these techs (mostly in the Energy and Physical Sciences fields), and because many people don't like the tech slowdown as it is, I have restored the tech costs to the level of the original release.

If you prefer a slower progression, simply edit the first table in TechTables.txt to the values you would like. Otherwise, if there is sufficient demand, I can reimplement the slowdown from the Data Patch in a future version, or you can wait for my more general tech overhaul mod.

'Flavour' descriptions have been added to the the wsTechnology file, along with updated information on the capabilities of each of the techs affected by this mod. All of the relevant descriptions have been updated to provide detailed (and correct) information on the effects of different technologies. Unlike version 1.0, I am using the Data Patch version of wsTechnology.txt (since the improved description mod is now out of date), so there are no longer level numbers included in the names of the various techs. Again, if there is sufficient demand, these can be restored, and/or I might do it for the whole file when I do my larger tech overhaul.

You can find the mod in our modifications archive.

Gameplay Changes


GroundCombat.txt changes:

Raised Initiative bonus of Commandos to 15 (same as Marines)
Changed Accuracy bonus for most types
- halved current value for regular units (5-20 instead of 10-40)
- changed Psyops and Hackers to 5, Commandos to 10
Rebalanced Evade bonuses
- lowered Infantry to 20, raise Marine to 30, Mobile to 10, Militia to 15
- lowered Command centre to 150, Magazine to 100
Increased Attack Strength bonuses
- doubled value for all regular units, raise Infantry to 5
- raised Pysops to 5, Commandos to 15, Hackers to 5
Increased Armor bonuses
- Infantry to 5, Marines to 10, Mobile to 15, Armor to 30, Battleoids to 50
- Pysops and Hackers to 5, Commandos to 10
Raised Hits for Commandos to 6, Command Centre to 8
Raised Morale for Psyops to 6, lowered Hackers to 4
Changed Vertical Envelopment for Space Marines to 0
Only Battleoids provide NBC negation
Lowered 'Strength' value for all types to balance with higher values from weapons
- lowered Marines to 2, Mobile to 5, Armor to 10, Battleoids to 20

TechTables.txt changes:

Moved Space Marines from Physical Sciences to Social Arts and Science
- kept base tech level 5
Lowered base tech level of Magazine to 9 (from 10)
Increased base tech level of Psy-ops to 11 (from 5)
Increased base tech level of Mobile to 16 (from 9)
Increased base tech level of Hackers to 22 (from 14)
Moved Commandos from Physical Sciences to Social Arts and Science
- increased base tech level to 26 (from 22)
Increased base tech level of Armor to 32 (from 21)
Increased base tech level of Command Centre to 36 (from 10)
Increased base tech level of Battleoids to 42 (from 30)

wsTechnology changes:

Updated descriptions with correct info to reflect changes


GroundCombat.txt changes:

Armor Level
- replaced Enviro Suits with Combat Armor
- change description
- increased Initiative of None to 10, Armored Exoskeleton to 5
- increased Evade of None to 15
- only Armored Exoskeleton and Powered Armor provide Attack Strength bonuses
- lowered bonuses to 5 and 10 respectively
- increased Strength of Armored Exoskeleton to 4
- only Powered Armor provides NBC negation

TechTables.txt changes:

Increased base tech level of Combat Armor (Enviro Suits) to 12 (from 10)
Increased base tech level of Battle Suits to 24 (from 23)
- replaced secondary Energy requirement (level 15) with Mathematics and Computers requirement (level 22)
Increased base tech level of Armored Exoskeleton to 36 (from 34)
- replaced secondary Mathematics and Computers requirement (level 22) with Energy requirement (level 34)
Moved Powered Armor from Energy to Physical Sciences
- increased base tech level to 46 (from 42)
- replaced secondary Physical Sciences requirement (level 40) with Energy requirement (level 45)

wsTechnology changes:

Changed text for armor type 'None' to 'Flak Vest' to reflect the fact that advanced in armor material still have an effect even if you have 'no armor'
Changed text for armor material 'None' to 'Kevlar' to reflect the fact that advanced in armor type still have an effect even if you have 'no armor' material'
Updated descriptions with correct info to reflect changes


GroundCombat.txt changes:

Increased Evade bonuses to 40,80,120 (from 30,60,90)
Doubled Armor bonuses to 20,40,60
Doubled Strength to 2, 4, 6 from 1,2,3 to balance with weapons

Increased tech levels of all three shields to compensate for greater effects (see below)

TechTables.txt changes:

Increased base tech level of Personal Deflector to 20 (from 5)
Increased base tech level of Personal Absorbtion to 30 (from 1
Increased base tech level of Personal Barrier to 40 (from 37)

wsTechnology changes:

Updated descriptions with correct info to reflect changes


(Note: Strength is listed in the Data Patch info as 'Strength versus Armor'. I have treated it as such, even though it's not entirely clear exactly how this modifier works. Accuracy and Attack Strength are listed separately in the Ground Combat screen, so I have listed them the same way in my updated info, even though the Data Patch info file combines them both into 'Bonus to hit')

The following is the new list of Hand Weapons from GroundCombat.txt (reformatted for clarity):

Weapon Name Tech Level Initiative #OfAttacks Accuracy AttackStrength Strength
Needle Gun Physical 00 +20 +1 +10 +15 +0
Hand Laser Energy 04 +30 +1 +15 +25 +1
Blaster Energy 09 +25 +1 +18 +40 +2
Plasma Projector Energy 14 +12 +1 +5 +75 +3
Assault Rifle Physical 18 +8 +2 +16 +50 +2
Laser Rifle Energy 23 +16 +2 +25 +60 +4
Blaster Rifle Energy 28 +12 +2 +30 +80 +6
Plasma Enveloper Energy 33 +0 +2 +10 +100 +8
Gauss Rifle Physical 37 +16 +3 +20 +85 +5
Gatling Laser Energy 42 +24 +4 +30 +100 +10
Assault Blaster Energy 46 +20 +4 +36 +120 +15
The Peacemaker Energy 50 +10 +4 +15 +150 +20

The weapons are listed in the order in which they will be upgraded by the AI, which corresponds to the order of their new tech levels (all tech levels are +/- 2 in-game of course).

TechTables.txt has been changed to reflect the new names, as well as the new tech levels.

wsTechnology changes:

Updated descriptions with correct info to reflect changes


Greatly increased effect of NBC weapons... esp. Nuclear
- increased # of Attacks to 3 for Nukes, 2 for Bio, 1 for Chem
- increased Attack Strength to 50 for Nukes, 20 for Bio, 30 for Chem
- increased Routs (negative effect - friendly casualties, horrific results) to 3 for Nukes, 2 for Chem, 2 for Bio


- increased Evade to 25, 15, 10, 5, 0, 0 from 9, 5, 2, 1, 0, 0

- increased Evade to 15, 10, 5, 2, 0, 0 from 7, 4, 2, 1, 0, 0


- increased Accuracy to 5
- reduced Accuracy to 15, increased Armor to 10
- increased Attack Strength to 10
- increased Armor to 10
Sauron (Saurian)
- increased Attack Strength to 20, Morale and Rally to 1
- increased Evade to 40, lowered Attack Strength to 10
- increased Evade to 120, changed Vertical Env. to 1
- decreased Evade to 0, increased Hits to 2
- decreased Evade to 30, increased Armor to 10, Hits to 2
- increased Initiative to 20
Elder Races
- increased Accuracy to 20, Attack Strength to 20, Hits to 2

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